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My daughter is very bright but due to illness in Year One has fallen behind. I wanted to take action well before the 11Plus. The methods that you use have helped her catch up with other Year 2's. Thank you!

Parent, Primary School

Harry said something yesterday which I thought you might like to know. He said that he feels he has learned more with your group in the brief time he has been going which has boosted his confidence so much that his teachers are amazed at his progress and attitude in the classroom.

Parent, Secondary School

We were beyond over the moon with his Grade B in Maths, what a turn around and all thanks to your brilliant company. The devil is always in the detail and the time you spent establishing where his gaps were in his knowledge, ensuring that these were addressed and tested before moving on to a new level really helped and even though he had to go back to basics he was never made to feel anything other than encouraged. Encouraged to ask questions, encouraged to work hard, encouraged he could achieve, this combined with great teaching and his hard work all helped him obtain a grade he never ever thought possible (nor did we) he has put to bed his nemesis subject at last.

Parent, Secondary School

A heartfelt thank you for your ability to target multiple intelligence that has not only improved my son's intellect, but it has also made a positive and equally important impact on his emotional development. His new found positive mindset provided the necessary emotional grounding to successfully transition into the next phase of his education and successfully gain his seat at college.

Parent, Secondary School

For the last two years I have been to LearningClubs’ Summer  School which happens towards the end of the holidays to warm up our brains before we go back to school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and think that other children would enjoy it.

Year 6 Student

I            MathsClubs. Games, learning maths

and much, much more!

Aged 7 Student

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A year of weekly sessions with LearningClubs has now passed and my daughter’s weekly test scores at school quickly improved and this boosted her confidence.  She no longer talks about being “no good at maths” and “not liking maths” and she does not panic when a new topic is introduced.  Maths homework is tackled with enthusiasm rather than groans.

Parent, student aged 11

LearningClubs was personally recommended to me by a work colleague. I believe that the tutor’s help and encouragement has been invaluable at a time when my daughter’s lifelong attitude to maths is being forged.

Parent, student aged 9

I would first and foremost like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to you. Your holistic approach to education has helped my son enormously to blossom in confidence and grow into a delightful boy who enjoys school and is passionate in his interests.

Parent, student aged 10

Her ability to target multiple intelligence has not only improved my son's intellect but it has also made a positive and equally important impact on his emotional development.

Parent, student aged 11

She has supported my son's personal development and his ability to take ownership of his learning style, encouraging him to develop his critical and creative thinking skills and have the confidence to present his ideas.

Parent, student aged 11

As a result of working together with you from Year 2, my son was able to approach Year 6 with a positive mind set and the necessary emotional grounding to successfully transition into the next phase of his education.

Parent, Student aged 10

I think it’s Sam’s last ever maths with you tomorrow!  We just want to thank you both for the help over the past 2 years! Sam is full of praise and says without question she has helped her more than the teacher at school. I am so glad that we came along to you. Looking back I can remember Sam asking why she has to go to extra maths when none of her friends do! Seeing her confidence grow has been wonderful and never once has she complained since about having to go. We are thrilled with her progress and hopefully Sam will now have a good outcome in the maths GCSE.  

Note: The student progressed from Maths GCSE C to a Maths GCSE A

Parent, student aged 16 years.

I'm ecstatic to tell you I passed with 5c's 2b's and 3d's including maths and English at grade 'C'. Thank you ever so much for everything, there is no way I would have got my 'C' without you.  Would you please pass on my sincerest thanks. I am still sitting on cloud 9, haven't found my step-ladder yet to get back down.

Student aged 15

My son, who is now eight, joined MathsClubs after my husband and I realised that he was really struggling with whole concept of maths.  I have struggled with maths all my life and wish that this had been available when I was young.  Our son loves his weekly tutoring lesson. The tutor makes the lesson fun and informative, and she is so enthusiastic about the subject.  I am happy to say that the benefit to our son has been huge – he now has a much greter understanding and confidence to approach mathematical concepts. He has told us that, ‘MathsClub has changed my life.’ Carol is very approachable, helpful and goes out of her way to help both her students and parents.

Parent, Student aged 8

Literacy was a school subject that my daughter has struggled with since beginning school. I found this quite heartbreaking and decided to try private tuition. She was resistant to coming to tutoring classes at the beginning, but thankfully that attitude quickly changed. It is like she has come out of her shell and has become the confident child I knew she could be. Her reading and vocabulary have increased with your support. My challenge is now prying her away from her weekly LiteracyClub!

Parent, student aged 6.

My tutor makes sure that I remember my numbers. I didn’t feel happy about maths before but now I like maths. Thank you

Student aged 12

The tutor is patient and understanding. His explanations were thorough and he took time to answer questions, both verbally and with diagrams especially when I hit a learning plateau.


The breathing techniques he used at the start of the lesson helped my mindset and to focus on the task at hand.


I have no hesitation in recommending LearningClubs.

Student aged 14

I have never understood why French grammar (was taught to me) but can honestly say that I cannot remember being taught English grammar.  I was seeing the same situation with my children. Thank you for breaking the cycle. Both children are experiencing much improved school reports.


I had a meeting with my daughter's English teacher, and she said that she is jumping up a class in the new term. Her confidence has improved, and her English has improved tenfold. Now she is reading for an hour every night and is a different girl. We must thank you for supporting this improvement and finding the way to give her a boost. What a change!

Parent of Year 9 student.

Maths was painful for me, and I didn't want my son to have the same experience. Since using the methods

of this programme he has increased his maths scores and his confidence.

Parent, Primary School



My daughter was very anxious about a Year 12  English Literature presentation that she had to deliver in front of her class and also be graded on for end of course exam. After her private lesson with Carol she felt positive and ready for the presentation. She received 5/7 which is better than she anticipated.

Alison, 03.04.2019

* We respect the privacy of parents, children and schools therefore we have chosen not to share these details.

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