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Confidence Raises the Potential of Students

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Established in 2011

Study Skills & Exam Techniques:

To Empower Years 7 & 8 Students

2018 Autumn Course: Tuesday OR Thursdays 5.30-7.00 pm


This programme is only for the motivated student who wants to get organised and optimise their performance at school. Held in a workshop setting each student will practise new techniques with current homework. Registration is limited to 6 students for 10, 1.5 hour sessions.


Overview of curriculum:


1.   Identify your learning style & feel empowered

2.   Master mindfulness to navigate stress & increase focus

3.   Time management and prioritising activities

4.   Set goals

5.   Take & summarise class instruction

6.   Notetaking from textbooks

7.   Review & Revise notes

8.   Preview next lesson

9.   Interpret & create visual & auditory aids to assist memory

10. Utilise reference sources

11. Use graphic organisers & chart

12. Use internet based tools


Schedule: 5.30 - 7.00 pm

Tuesday: Nov 13,20,27; Dec 4,11; Jan 8,15


Thursdays: 15,22,29; Dec 6,13; Jan 10,17


Course Cost:

£399.00 for next students.

£319.20 (20% discount) to past students



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This programme can be applied to all the subjects that the student is studying.


  • Students explore how they learn. Once they have identified their learning style, they can apply this new found information to all subjects.  

  • This knowledge can be applied every day, of every month, of every year throughout their entire academic life.

  • They can apply these skills to enhance their future careers and involvement in their communities.



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This programme is not a subject tutoring programme.  If your child lacks confidence and/or is underperforming in a subject they will require specific subject tuition.  If this is the case contact us.

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