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Short Case Study:



Name of the student has been change in the following..


Jonah began attending classes at LearningClubs in Year 8 while attending St Sampson Secondary High School. He had a history of Maths challenges.


During the parent and student consultation, the examiner presented detailed skill performance information from the student's completed Maths' assessment. This information shed light on Jonah's current Maths difficulties, frustration and lack of confidence. Although Jonah was not surprised, his parents found the information shocking - he had not mastered many foundation skills introducted during his primary school years.



His Maths' tutor was provided with a map of identified skills both strengths and weaknesses.  His programme began at Year 3/4 level. That was 4-5 years below his current Year placement.


Jonah, had career aspirations to be a pilot and this did not appear to be a realistic expectation due to his history.  During our support of Jonah and his parents, we witnessed an increase in his confidence, a dedication to completing his assigned homework - that which seemed impossible became a possibility.


Of course, score-based performance tests are not exclusive to competency - knowledge of the subject - the speed at which a student can conceptualize and record their answer is critical also. Jonah's fluency was slow initially but over time this increased also. His increased confidence played an important part in his transformation as a competent learner.




The following was received from his mother.



Subject: Fantastic news!



Dear Carol


Just wanted to share some wonderful news with you, he got his Maths Higher Tier GCSE Level 8 in the Summer and he was only 8 marks off a Level 9!


He is now at Grammar sixth form doing Maths, Psychology, Physics and Geography A level.


Overall he got 5, 8s; 2, 7s and 1, 9 grade which was in English Literature, so we are absolutely delighted with what he has achieved.


Thanks once again for all that you did to help him understand and enjoy Maths.








This is a message to all students:


Aspire, your future is in your hands!