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During maths and literacy lessons, children experience the fun of learning.

Literacy & Maths Clubs for Years 1-3


The key to student growth is teaching them at just the right level so that every child gets exactly what they need. High achievers are stretched while struggling students focus on building up their foundation. Each child advances at their own pace.


LearningClubs lessons include fun activities that encourage lively and creative thinking. Students learn by exploring, discovering and discussing.


This can lead to conjecturing, explaining, generalising, convincing and proof - in general, a rich conversation.

Test & Interview Cost: - £50 per subject

  • The resulting information provides the tutor with essential direction when choosing the child's starting point.


Lesson Cost: £27/lesson (maximum of 5 students)  40 minutes

                       £38/lesson (1 to 1) 30-minute


Lessons includes:

  • Confidence building

  • Bespoke educational programme that is experiential

  • Fun online programme practice

  • Progress monitored weekly

  • Programme is modified when necessary

  • Learning strategies adapted to find the most successful method for the child

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