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Excitement about being a successful student is what we all want our children to experience.  As a specialist tutor, I know the power of confidence when it comes to learning and your child's wellbeing.

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GCSE Results Improved


I thought I'd let your know that I got a grade 7 in my maths! I am so proud of my results considering when I first saw the tutor I couldn't even solve an equation. I also got mrade 8s in both my English exams. Sophie

Reading Intervention


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your effort in assisting with his learning over the past few months.  We have seen a huge improvement in so many things but most of all in his confidence. One of the moticeable changes is his willingness to read ... where 2 months ago he would not even attenpt it. Parent of Year 4 student.

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GCSE English & GCSE Maths - Tuition leading to Successful GCSE results. Matching the student with the right tutor is what I do for you. Through discussion and evidence-based testing, I make the match.


Career Testing & Mentoring - Aged 15 plus Is your child not clear about the exciting career  opportunities that they are best suited for an the academic and practical steps to take? Turn that  into clarity and purpose.

Make this school year one to be remembered by your child, for all the right reasons.

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