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Revision for GCSE: Years 10 - GCSE & A-Levels

Study Skills + Exam Revision Techniques = Success


2021 has been rough for students, particularly those who are striving for solid exam results. Let's change that for 2021! 'How to revise for GCSE subjects?' is the reoccurring question that I hear.


Like many, I have personal experience studying and exam writing for my finals. I often felt stressed, staying up late to study, and sometimes feeling like I was barely treading water. At university, I figured out how to adapt course work to suit my learning style; changed my personal schedule, and my exam results confirmed a positive change.


This experience led me to develop and provide my first Study Skill Course years ago.  I didn't want others to be in that same situation that I had been. C. Railton


Every year we investigate ways to increase the value of this course to our students. Six years ago, we added Exam Techniques as a natural extension. The course continues to retain practical ways to improve studying; improve exam results and provoke change in study behaviour. This is all done with the support of a talented coach.  Not only evidence-based strategies are demonstrated, but students have time to practise these with the guidance of the coach.


To students:

A study skill coach will provide you with proven revision and exam techniques. Using active revision techniques, you will be in control of your exam results. You will practise each revision technique; apply them to your GCSE revision; build your confidence and experience your improved results.


We believe it is critical to know your preferred way of learning. This information empowers you to choose and adapt the best revision methods for you. You will discover if you have a preferred modality to learn during the first class. With this knowledge, you can begin optimizing your learning and test results.



2021 Winter Course: Saturdays beginning 16th January Now Closed to further Registrations


Who is this course for?


This programme is for the motivated student who wants to get better organised and to optimise their exam performance.


Schedule: Saturdays 10:30 a.m.

Starting: 16th January for 10 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions. Registration is Closed.


Contact us here to be notified when the next course is scheduled.


Starting: 16th January for 10 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions.


Location: Held in a live online workshop


Class size: Maximum of 10 students with a minimum registration of 6 students.


Schedule: Saturdays 1030 a.m.

Starting: 16th January for 10 weeks, 1.5 hour sessions.


More info: Course Overview


Course Cost: £570.00*

             Less a 10% discount for current or past clients  

Deposit: £50 is required at the time of registration. This will be applied to the course cost.

* GCSE Consolidated Subject study books may be recommended. These will be purchased by the student.


Registration is limited to only 10 students with a minimum of 5 students required.





This programme can be applied to all the subjects that the student is studying.


  • Students explore how they learn. Once they have identified their learning style, they can apply this new found information to all subjects.  

  • This knowledge can be applied every day, of every month, of every year throughout their entire academic life.

  • They can apply these skills to enhance their future careers and involvement in their communities.



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This programme is not a subject tutoring programme.  If your child lacks confidence and/or is underperforming in a subject they will require specific subject tuition.  If this is the case contact us.

Overview of the Course:

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GCSE Results Improved


I thought I'd let your know that I got a grade 7 in my maths! I am so proud of my results considering when I first saw the tutor I couldn't even solve an equation. I also got mrade 8s in both my English exams. Sophie

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