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Career Testing & Career Mentoring those aged 15 and above.


Confused about your future? Let's change this now,


Step by step, I will accompany you on this journey helping you to discover what is holding you back from creating a successful career path. I will show you how to change limiting beliefs into powerful life changing opportunities. You will discover what exciting career options match with your personality, interests and abilities and those careers to be avoided.


What is involved?

1) Time and focus

a. Interview & Tests: Approximately 3 hours are need to complete the interview and tests. To ensure your best focus, this can be divided into 2 appointments

b. Student consultation

c. Student and parent consultation


2) The examiner will take 1-week to mark the results and create a report.



1) £597.00


2) £477.60 (20% discount) for past and existing clients.


Why Career Testing?

* Required

Explore the career paths that others have taken.