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A heartfelt thank you for your ability to target multiple intelligence that has not only improved my son's intellect, but it has also made a positive and equally important impact on his emotional development. His new found positive mindset provided the necessary emotional grounding to successfully transition into the next phase of his education and successfully gain his seat at college. Parent



Our classes include intense learning opportunities to stimulate each student's curiosity and motivation. The following topics form the core of this programme and depend on the College that the examination is for.


Verbal Reasoning is the ability to analyse information and solve problems using language-based reasoning.


Non-verbal Reasoning enables students to analyse and solve complex problems without relying upon or being limited by language abilities.


Spatial Reasoning is a category of reasoning skills. It refers to the capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information.


Mathematics and English are additional offers depending on which entrance exams is to be written.


A two-hour examination is provided to determine the student's skill strengths and skill weaknesses.  During the consultation appointment, the parent is presented with a formal report.


Our 30, 40 (Years 1, 2 or 3) or 60-minutes (Years 4 and above) classes occur once or twice a week. The frequency of the weekly classes is based on two factors - time to the exam date and the number of skills that need to be mastered.


We have expertise in the following exams preparation:

7+, 11+, CAT4 and CEM.


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Years: 4, 5, 6, & 7


The assessment Includes the following


a) Review of the student's past three end-

    of-school reports.


b) Evaluation of the student's Non-verbal

    and Verbal Reasoning Skills, Maths and

    English (including Reading and



c) Report

   The report is a 3 to 5 page document    


d) Consultation 

    The examiner and the parent review all

    aspects of the report and answer any

    questions that arise. It is important that

    the parent clearly understands all

    aspects of the report by the end of the



e) Assessment Cost including the above



f) Tuition Rates

    Years 4-6.  Student attend once a week

    for a 60-minute class.


  Class choices:  

   60-minute lesson- Year 4 +

   1 to 1 - £76

   2-3 students - £47/studet

   4-5 students - £38/student


   30-minute lesson

   1 to 1 - £38


   40-minute lesson - Year 1-3





Other charges may include materials and online registration if required.


*Small group tuition (maximum of 5 students):

These classes provide a lively discussion of the concepts studied. Students learn to explain their choices articulately, and consider other students' solutions.




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