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Confidence Raises the Potential of Students

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Make this a summer to be remembered

by your child, for all the right reasons. 


Summer School: Maths, English and Philosophy

We present learning at is very best during 5 half days this summer.

Your child sets the pace and each tutor creates magic in this learning environment.


For students in Years 4 - 6 who have:


  • Missed the basics, we will help students have fun understanding the basics

  • Bored at school, we will present learning challenges sure to motivate

  • Struggling with poor confidence, this will soon be a thing of the past


The key to student growth is teaching them at just the right level and at just the right

pace, so that every child receives exactly what they need. High achievers are

stretched while struggling students focus on building up their foundation.


We provide a holistic educational service. Your child’s wellness is considered firstly,

their confidence is secured and their skills develop.


Success Stories

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